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The Wellness Studio~
Pursuing My "Why" 

I spend my days working with high-performing individuals and leaders looking to reach and sustain peak performance (which, by the way, requires intentional time for recovery to prevent burnout). Through this work I've witnessed the powerful transformation that occurs when we learn and practice a range of skills designed to bolster our resiliency and cultivate a flexible and growth mindset. The most energized and focused also have a deep understanding of their "Why ," leaning into their values, their vision, and their purpose when pursuing goals, resulting in high motivation for themselves, their teams, and the experience of deep joy and satisfaction.

  While I love my day job I've long held onto my own "why-driven" goal -- to create a welcoming physical space to share these impactful practices more widely with others. This goal felt like a far-off dream until 2020 when the world collectively retreated and our social worlds narrowed, forcing us to find new ways to connect. Through this challenging time I discovered the joy (and painpoints) of reaching people virtually and by hosting local outdoor events. This experience challenged my own fixed mindset that a dedicated physical space was needed to pursue my own dream, and the Wellness Studio was born!

The Wellness Studio is truly my "why" as this adventure doesn't feel like a job but something I love to do. I'm able to check off all my boxes within my own "Wellness Wheel" as this journey allows me to find new and creative opportunities for physical movement, intellectual engagement, a sense of connection, and a chance to give back in meaningful and fun ways. I look forward to discovering what lies ahead, to include the challenges that are sure to wouldn't be life without them.

Join our weekly classes and offerings to boost your own wellness. We also specialize in designing customized workshops, retreats, private sessions, fundraising events, and much more...virtually and in-person. Don't hesitate to reach out and let us know what you're looking for!

I hope you find this journey as energizing as I do...

if you take time to connect with your "why" I believe you will.

~Natasha Annis

It's Been a Great Two Years!

Filled with healthy habits, joyful connection, meaningful events, hot yoga, cold yoga!?, mindfulness, retreats, and so much more... 

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