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Need a Little Inspiration?
Learn about the Wellness Wheel Model,
Take a Free Wellness Quiz, & Fully
Explore this Page to Design Your Goals 

Click on the Wellness Wheel Model to
explore your holistic wellness, take a wellness quiz, and start personalizing your goals!
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Scroll through to Visualize what Matters to You Most Right Now...
Set Your Daily Habits and Wellness Goals!
Examples from the Five Wellness Domains
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"When working from home, I will take a 5-minute walk around the house or outside 

after my morning and afternoon meetings."

"When I speak with people I will focus on talking less and asking more questions so I can form a deeper connection."

"I will wake up 15 minutes early to  read a book, a blog, or a thought piece on a subject I want to learn more about."

"I will do one mindfulness practice each day such as meditation, finding gratitude, taking a yoga class, etc."

"I will write down my three core values and post them on my office wall, to inspire my leadership style and to prioritize my tasks, at work and at home." 

Click below for more examples of wellness goals for each of the five domains...feel free to adapt them to make them your own!
Click on the Wellness Wheel to Learn More About Your Wellness and to Inform Your Path Ahead
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Looking for company and accountability
along the way?

Use the link below to join "The Wellness Connection" private Facebook group to share our goals, best practices, and support one another.
Image by Jamie Street
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