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The field of coaching is based on the science and application of many fields to include leadership effectiveness, positive psychology, self-determination theory, and wellness research findings. 

The coaching process is a confidential, client-driven journey where you will learn a great deal about yourself; your strengths, your growth edges, and how to reach your full potential. Your coach serves as a guide, asking inquisitive questions, offering observations, and deepening insights. Through this process, you determine your own focus and goals based on what matters to you most.

Perhaps you're wondering what people work on during their coaching sessions? Many clients want to increase their effectiveness as a leader by focusing on key competencies such as emotional intelligence, how to motivate their teams, and ways to build resilience for self and others. Some are looking to manage stress levels, increase healthy habits, and find more balance in their lives. No matter your goals, the coaching process is designed to bolster your strengths, increase motivation, and ultimately help you get you to where you wish to be. 

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Phases of Coaching

What is the cost of coaching, and is it worth the investment?

Most of us benefit greatly when we take time for ourselves, to self-reflect and to evaluate where we are in life. Coaching is an active process that is all about you, and in a relatelivey short period of time, helps us to feel more grounded, energized, and clear about life, where we'd like to go, and how to get there. 

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Assessment Phase

Complete a series of assessments, tailored to your specific needs:

Possible Assessments:

  • Background & Values Survey

  • Wellness Wheel

  • Strength Finder

  • Leadership Assessments

First Session

We will meet virtually throughout the coaching process. During our initial session, we will review your assessment results and set meaningful short- and long-term goals. You will decide where to focus, and what steps to take in-between sessions.

Individual Sessions

Coachees typically participate in six to ten, 1-hr long sessions. Throughout the coaching process we will track your progress, share new insights, and refine your goals, deepening self-awareness and intentional practice and habits throughout.


The coaching engagement concludes when the client has reached their goals, and has acquired the knowledge and skills they feel they need to independently sustain their progress for years to come.

What Coaching Clients Have Discovered...

My values and beliefs are intertwined in the decisions I make and the paths I pursue.

Rather than "change myself" I was able to see ways to change my approach...and get to an outcome that felt authentic to me.

I can be intentional. I should be intentional. Like a muscle, I can strengthen that characteristic.

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