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6 Week Wellness Boost Challenge


Ready to learn and incorporate more wellness practices into your life? This challenge is a fun and motivating way to get there! Grab a friend or two, invite the family, and join the 6 Week Wellness Boost challenge! This wellness challenge guides you to set simple, personalized, and achievable goals across a range of wellness dimensions. You will get prompts throughout the challenge to help keep you on track, and you'll have access to a group chat so you can cheer one another on along the way. By the time the challenge concludes, you'll have had the opportunity to broaden your knowledge in a wide range of wellness practices, and practiced building more intentional wellness practices into your daily life. ALL participants who complete the challenge within 6 weeks of starting will win one free live yoga or mindfulness class. In addition, a raffle will be held at the end of each month for all participants who completed the challenge that month. The lucky grande prize winner will have their choice of either a free coaching session or a Wellness Retreat with their friends (both worth over $100)! Throughout this process, YOU decide how challenging to make each of your goals, and all services are virtual, so no excuses. You can truly do this from anywhere! We can't wait to see you in the below to get started!




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6 Week Wellness Boost Challenge

6 Week Wellness Boost Challenge

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