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Work-Life Integration. Authenticity. Daring Leadership. Living with Vitality. 

We all hear these buzz words in the popular media, but we're often left wondering how to apply these principles to our own lives. Here's the short answer -- it takes intentional exploration, planning, and practice. The Wellness Studio is designed to bring to you the knowledge, tools, and resources to guide and support your journey, both personally and professionally, one step at a time. 

We look forward to working together!

The Well-Balanced Wheel:

When we are Fully Engaged & Thriving

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Therapy Office

Virtual Coaching


The Wellness Studio offers one-on-one, personalized coaching sessions. Coaching is a collaborative and strength-based process, designed to empower clients to discover their authentic selves, and to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Together we will work to carve a path to reach your specific goals. Click below to learn more about the coaching process and to schedule our first meeting together. 

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Virtual Wellness Programs

Kick off your intentional wellness journey today. Explore our wellness model, take the wellness survey, sign up for a class, and design a customized virtual wellness retreat for you and your friends!

We look forward to working together so we can bring a greater sense of well-being to your life and to others.

Click below to learn more about wellness, and check out our current offerings to see all that is offered.

The Wellness Studio is designed to bring to you the knowledge, tools, and resources to guide and support your journey to better wellness, one step at a time. 

Our sense of wellness often ebbs and flows; some days we feel positive and motivated, like we're performing at the top of our game. Other days we may feel fatigued and like crawling back into bed. The key to achieving a sustained sense of wellness and vitality is to increase our self-awareness, broaden our knowledge, and apply the tools we learn with intentional practice every day. 

We look forward to working with you. Together, we will cultivate skills to form and build healthier habits, while deepening our sense of values, purpose, contentment, and connection along the way.

What Clients Have Discovered...

My values and beliefs are intertwined in the decisions I make and the paths I pursue.

Rather than "change myself" I was able to see ways to change my approach...and get to an outcome that felt authentic to me.

I can be intentional. I should be intentional. Like a muscle, I can strengthen that characteristic.

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