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Because Yoga is Movement, and So Much More

There are many styles and forms of yoga ~ vinyasa, yin, and restorative, to name just a few. But at the heart of the practice, yoga is all about the breath.

When we slow down and breathe deeply, our brain sends an automatic message to our bodies that it's time to relax and physiologically unwind. This restorative process is an essential part of recovery for our bodies and our minds, yet one that is often ignored due to the hectic pace of life. Yoga provides an opportunity to focus inward, to slow our breathing, to stretch, to strengthen, to move - all of which are vital to wellness across our lifespan.

Our goal at the Wellness Center is to make yoga an accessible, enjoyable, and fun experience for everyone.  We offer live, 1-hour group classes ranging from introductory to intermediate levels, all designed to harness the benefits of moving with our breath. 

We invite you to join one of our upcoming group classes by booking here online; a link to the virtual class (held on Zoom) will be sent in your confirmation email. Private classes are available upon request. 


Remember, if you are breathing,

you are practicing yoga!

Wach this Video to Learn More About Wellness Studio Yoga Classes

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