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Wellness for You and Those You Lead

How do we build and sustain effective wellness practices into our own lives and as leaders? The short answer -- it takes planning, building habits, and intentional practice to create healthy and psychologically safe enviornments designed to enhance performance and sustain motivation over time.

With the Wellness Studio, Natasha and colleagues will help you explore and find the right tools to support you in your goals, both personally and professionally, one step at a time. 

We look forward to working together!

The Well-Balanced Wheel:

When we are Fully Engaged & Thriving

Therapy Office

Virtual Coaching


The Wellness Studio offers one-on-one, personalized coaching sessions. Coaching is a collaborative and strength-based process, designed to empower clients to discover their authentic selves and to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Together we will work to carve a path to reach your specific goals. Click below to learn more about the coaching process and to schedule our first meeting together. 

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Customized Programs & Classes

Our programs are designed to increase leaders' and teams' effectiveness through dynamic and interactive workshops -- participants learn how to cultivate a resilient mindset,  how to harness the stress response to sustain peak performance,  and methods to co-create psychologically safe workplaces.

Natasha and colleagues bring decades of experience and passion to the wellness and leadership development space. Reach out to learn more..

Rob Birgfield, Chief Marketing Officer

Independent Community Bankers of America, Washington DC

"I am cautious around the professional development investments we make, and admittedly skeptical around how holistic wellness will be received and ultimately applied by our team. Natasha’s session put my concerns to rest, as the team engaged, left energized and ready to put several strategies into practice professionally and personally. Natasha’s curriculum and delivery are terrific for today’s uncertain landscape and I would enthusiastically recommend her as a coach and facilitator.."

It's Been a Great Few Years! 

Filled with healthy habits, workshops, joyful connection, meaningful events, hot yoga, cold yoga!?, mindfulness, and so much more... 

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