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Natasha's Story

For years I dreamt of creating a physical space where people learn, practice, and share in wellness activities together. This goal felt like a far-off dream given the busy pace of life and all of its obligations. But in 2020, as the world collectively retreated indoors and our social worlds narrowed, I came to see firsthand what I've long known; we don't need a physical place to build wellness -- with healthy habits and a practiced presence of mind we can build and sustain a sense of positive well-being from anywhere. And thus the Wellness Studio was born; a place where we can build a supportive community, share knowledge, and grow together from wherever we are. 

I look forward to connecting with you through this online platform, and for those who are local, continuing to find ways to meet and practice safely in-person together. I hope you find this journey as rejuvinating as I do! 

-Natasha Annis

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