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The Wellness Studio

Welcome to the Wellness Studio, a boutique consulting company where Dr. Natasha Annis and colleagues offer a unique blend of psychologically informed leadership and wellness programs for organizations, to leaders and their teams, and for you.

Infuse Wellness and Leadership Best Practices into Your...

Our Offerings

We've designed a series of engaging workshops where participants learn how to integrate whole-person wellness into organizational cultures and the team enviornment. Participants not only up their game in leadership, but acquire practical knoweldge and skills to apply within their own lives. 

How Leaders Impact Individual and Organizational Well-Being: Stratgies to Building Resilient Cultures

This blended lecture and experiential workshop offers leaders tactical strategies to create healthy and productive team envioronments, building resiliency for .  which bolsters , and intellectually-engaging enviornments.  

Meet Dr. Natasha Annis

Owner and Lead Consultant of The Wellness Studio

As a psychologist, an executive leadership coach, and most recently a certified yoga instructor, my passion is to bring  

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